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Песня:Elusive Reaches
песня Elusive Reaches
Альбом:From Afar
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Elusive Reaches (Длительность 03:26)

Текст песни Ensiferum - Elusive Reaches
Protector of the sun arrives with light From the edge of the world to the highest heights With a thunder blast he greets his twin And falls back to oblivion From the western plains where nature blooms Roams the swift brother in eternal blue Chasing the vanishing golden light Hasting towards an endless night Across the high northern skies The eldest brother in all his might Guards the frozen barren land With a token of wisdom in his hand Forlorn moon and dreadful mist The youngest brother raises his fist All life slowly withers away And the infinite circle begins again The trail of the winds remains unseen For mortals their realm stays concealed The ageless skies that stand before our eyes When we’ll be gone they’ll still be flying free Silvery light of the sea Sparkles of far beneath Cold breeze against their brawn Reminds them of cold steel and war

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