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песня Stomp
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Stomp (Длительность 06:16)

Текст песни Quincy Jones - Stomp
The summer heat, the drummer’s beat Listen to rhythm of the coming of a 1000 stomping feet The dip-diver, old school soul survivor My sound is gonna hit ya like a drunk driver Stomp—step down with it Put your feet where you’re feeling it Stomp—you don’t wanna quit Put you head where you’re feeling it Stomp It’s like 1 to the 2 and straight to the 10 Turn up the sound cause the Q’s back again With a whole new set, here to make you sweat Put on ya stompin' boots if you love to jet, son Call up George, too And tell them Q got the funk to make ya move that New York Should I say that body? Welcome to the party A little somethin' somethin' for each and everybody It’s Coolio loc representin' West Coast So raise up a toast, Mr. Jones is ya host From the top to the bottom and the back to the front Everybody on the side go slip in and slide Just stomp Stomp Guess who? The one and only Yo-Yo dammit Bet you can’t stand this track that’s slammin' (stomp) Catch the vibe from the West side The one and only Bonnie without Clyde I’m stomping through your town In your hood up your block Giving props to hip-hop, 'cause it don’t stop Stomping with the humps in the back of the trunk 'Cause all that funk makes me wanna bump In the mountains, in the valleys In the backstreets, in the alleys Party people this is what you want Aya aya, mama mia Mercy me-a, things ain’t what they used to be-a Stomp opposition, stomp competition Stomp like frat brothers, step to this Let me mention Quincy Jones is butter on toast Superman of rap, Shaq, is feared to most Brag and boast about my steelo style Kick your butt for a mile and smile as I (stomp) Stomp the pedal to the metal in the ghetto Struggle with a top notch hustle Time to scuffle

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