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Песня:Jook Joint Reprise
Артист:Quincy Jones
песня Jook Joint Reprise
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Jook Joint Reprise (Длительность 00:56)

Текст песни Quincy Jones - Jook Joint Reprise
Uh, Quincy, now, the next tune is a loud thing It’s nothing like the blues And … Let the Good Times Roll I know I sound bad but you can overlook that I’ve been up all night, 8 o’clock in the morning… If you can do something with that, you’re better than me Alright You got brown butter with a beat Funkmaster Flex, do what you gotta do Q’s Jook Joint is in full effect Bringing the old to the new, the new to the old You know what I’m saying? Fever in the funk house Grind ‘til you lose your mind Nothin' but flavor Let the good times roll, a’ight?

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