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Песня:Prologue (2 Q's Rap)
Артист:Quincy Jones
песня Prologue (2 Q's Rap)
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Prologue (2 Q's Rap) (Длительность 01:04)

Текст песни Quincy Jones - Prologue (2 Q's Rap)
Sticks and stones may break your bones But you ain’t never felt the wrath of Quincy Jones Hard to the core, an entrepreneur And jams that even slam for you and your Pleasure, as you listen to every measure Groove with the track as the Q gets fresher I’ve been away for a long time I’m not only back but I’m here to rhyme So bust a move, cause I am too Back on the black, more training to do So hey young world say «Quincy, Quincy I need the Dude to correct and convince me» Teach me the right way, so my eyesight may See that path that leads to a brighter day So if you’re ready to reach for the top Then never fear, cause I’m back on the block

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