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Песня:Vertebrae By Vertebrae
песня Vertebrae By Vertebrae
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Vertebrae By Vertebrae (Длительность 05:08)

Текст песни Björk - Vertebrae By Vertebrae
Up on the toe There is a view Up on the toe And the spine Straight and erect Hungry and curious Up on the toe Looking forward to The air is thinner here She came here To lose face Got down on her knees The beast is back! On four legs Set her clock to the moon Raises her spine Vertebrae by vertebrae Up on the toe Looking I have been filled with steam for months, for years Same old cloud, claustrophobic me Let it burst like old train sounds Make them leave me nature Vertebrae by vertebrae by vertebrae My arms squeeze out of my shoulders! And the arms squeeze out of my shoulders I curl my tail in words I set my clock on the moon Vertebrae by vertebrae (x3) Please release this pressure of me Let off some steam

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