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Песня:Basement Boyfriend
Артист:Midi, Maxi & Efti
песня Basement Boyfriend
Альбом:Midi, Maxi & Efti
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Basement Boyfriend (Длительность 03:34)

Текст песни Midi, Maxi & Efti - Basement Boyfriend
How could you lie to me face to face Saying that you love me Saying that you need me I always thought that you cared for me I remember the day we met The place we’ve been And the things we’ve done And the love we shared I can’t believe it’s over, can’t be over, no Please don’t leave me this way Don’t leave me, don’t leave me now They told me I’m a dreamer, a dreamer But I wonder where you are Yes, I wonder where you are Where’s my basement boyfriend Who can make my heart melt Where’s my basement boyfriend Who can make my heart melt Time has gone and everybody tells me To forget you but I still remember you But you never call me, call me Never write me a letter I miss you. Can’t you see I miss you I miss you very much That’s why I sing this song Please don’t leave me this way… I’m sitting here all alone Wishing, wishing you are near And wondering, wondering where you are And wondering why you left (wondering why you left)

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