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Песня:Before Gas And TV
Артист:Mark Knopfler
песня Before Gas And TV
Альбом:Get Lucky
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Before Gas And TV (Длительность 05:50)

Текст песни Mark Knopfler - Before Gas And TV
Before gas and tv Before people had cars We’d sit around the fires Pass around our guitars Remembering songs When my daddy was home He’d play along On the spoons and a comb We’d go with the flow When the weather was fine Sometimes we’d go Collecting scrap iron And we’d sit around the fires Pass a bottle of wine In the tales of the road Since time out of mind If heaven’s like this Well that’s ok with me Where the living is fine And living is free If heaven’s like this Well then here’s where i’ll be On the edge of the field On the edge of the world Before gas and tv

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