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Артист:David Gray
песня Harder
Альбом:Draw The Line
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Harder (Длительность 03:51)

Текст песни David Gray - Harder
Can’t recall the moment when the doubt ripped your face or put my finger on quite when the fog took your place We’ve been beating on it 'til we’re black and blue Just what good exactly is it gonna do? Always so much harder, so much harder when you have to try Could we at least agree upon the size and the shape? The relative dimensions that the lie ought to take For your delectation a scenario Taken so much further than it needs to go Always so much harder, always so much If we could get away just for a week or two Baby let it burn the way it used to do Always so much harder So much harder when you have to try Have to try And if the ground should open up And swallow me It would not stop That minute hand from ticking off The minutes 'til the penny drop Not a breath of wind and not a cloud in the sky All the better then to watch the world passing by Passing by Passing by Passing by

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