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Песня:Big Things
песня Big Things
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Big Things (Длительность 02:50)

Текст песни Anjulie - Big Things
You’ll see my face On the cover of a magazine some day You’ll hear my voice blaring out your car radio Do rock kids Chorous Imma Imma do big things (x6) Du du du big things I dont care what you say What you say You can say what you wanna say I dont care what they say What they say They can say what they wanna say Hey now, you dont know me better Bet your gonna know me better Yeh im only one dream away Yeh i look a little dizzy But im on a real mission yeh Take a real long look at my face Lets not stop The cultures gonna pop Im breaking up all the topics Signals gone im selling my song People already got it (Chorous) (Instrumental) Imma Imma do big thing Imma Imma do big things

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