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Песня:Seymour Stein
Артист:Belle & Sebastian
песня Seymour Stein
Альбом:The Boy With The Arab Strap
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Seymour Stein (Длительность 04:42)

Текст песни Belle & Sebastian - Seymour Stein
Seymour Stein, I’ve been lonely Caught a glimpse of someone’s face It were mine and I’d been crying Half a world away, ticket for a plane Record company man I won’t be coming to dinner My thoughts are far away I’m working on that day North country girl I think she’s going to stay Promises of fame, promises of fortune L.A. to New York San Francisco back to Boston Has he ever seen Dundee? Won’t he hire a limousine? Seymour send her back to me I heard dinner went well You liked Chris’s jacket He reminded you of Johnny Before he went electronic Seymour Stein, sorry I missed you Have a nice flight home It’s a good day for flying Seymour Stein Seymour Stein

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