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Песня:I'm Landing
Артист:Tinchy Stryder
песня I'm Landing
Альбом:Catch 22
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I'm Landing (Длительность 03:38)

Текст песни Tinchy Stryder - I'm Landing
Yo, you gotta feel this Yeah, you gotta feel this Hey yo, it’s that mad, lifestyle’s emotional, it’s that sad I missed my mum’s birthday, had a show, that bad Ups and downs, mishaps, problems mount, that large Street clowns and hood rats are speaking out, they’re that loud I’m focused, music, in and out I’m breathing it Close ones, they miss me, they’re really not feeling it I ain’t seen my girl for days, ain’t seen my bed for days Something keeps me going, I’m enjoying every bit of it Every little bit of it, you gotta feel this Wiley said, «Tinch, you gotta kill this» And that was '03, and now I’ve got this Straight up original, I ain’t dealing with no remix Had it all planned out and the man dem was a part of it Music game’s fucked up, it’s nuttin' like we thought of it Messed up, it’s all a bit mad, I’m trying to work with it Let me do the hard part, then we’ll all have some fun with it Here I come, I’m landing, I’m landing But there’s no one around me where I’m standing I’m nearly there, I’m counting, counting Step by step, we climb mountains Yeah, and they’re telling me I’m better off, telling me I’m doing well Look into their eyes and I clearly see I’ve pissed them off (snakes) Talk about me so hard like «have you seen Stryder’s new car? No keys, pushes one button then he’s off start» Off guard, not me I’ll be walking on the moon tonight Not scarred but who’s to know how deep I really bleed inside? Yeah, but I’m a Virgo, not a Gemini I can see the future and I’m done with these silly guys No time for many games, lava mouth, spitting flames Now things have fully changed, I’m trying to get the plaques in frames (yeah) But they won’t let me do my thing Stop trying to block up my road up, I can switch my lanes In my face they’re smiling up, behind my back they’re lining up The day I dig myself a hole, push me down deep enough My head’s telling me mad things like «pick it up, let it off» I go with my heart and my bag’s packed, I’m jetting off So I ask, why? …why? I ain’t getting no answers Again I ask, why? Still ain’t getting the answer I’m taking my chances Here I come, I’m landing, I’m landing

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