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Песня:Pit Stop
Артист:Tinchy Stryder
песня Pit Stop
Альбом:Catch 22
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Pit Stop (Длительность 01:47)

Текст песни Tinchy Stryder - Pit Stop
I’m half way down the hall way, My sight is that much clearer, Keep it hood in the mainstream, You can blame it on my area, Wish me luck and the rest of it, Success I can say I’ve tasted it, I’ve got a dream still chasing it, When the chance cam I never wasted it, Yeah, I’m here, I’m right up in the mix of it, More cake, more hate you can’t forget the Stress with it, Rub shoulders with different starts, One’s you only read about, From the Sugababes to the Akon’s, One’s you never see about, Swimming in the need end, Small fish but tell them sharks I’m creeping, Deep in, don’t sleep on me, no dreaming, I started writing rhymes around the Years of 99 Comparing me to one these new MC’s Is like a crime, Today is a brand new day, Clock my wrist, check the time, I’m headlining the show; for real I’m Here performing live, And I hit hard, I’m rattling your rib cage, Know they feel my presence here I’m coming For the first place gold, Don’t get stuck in the halo, no, no Don’t get stuck in the halo

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