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Песня:Catch 22
Артист:Tinchy Stryder
песня Catch 22
Альбом:Catch 22
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Catch 22 (Длительность 02:01)

Текст песни Tinchy Stryder - Catch 22
I’m in my zone; I’m really in the zone This place is full of plastic fakes, I call them silicone Cone, yeah, and I think I miss my home I think they kind of miss me too but the love is rarely shown No, cause I ain’t talking 'bout my family Talking 'bout some real friends that used to stand beside me They think I’m a millionaire, they whisper words behind me Loyal ones are still here, so I respect them highly They know I’m in the game, I know I topped the charts I need them all to feel my pain' this is the part I can’t explain Industry, twisted, it’s a complicated business Tryna bring in friends is easier said than done, believe this It’s either this or that, the top is a lonely place The hood, the roads ain’t safe The writing’s there in white and black And this is what I dreamt about, but in the dream I weren’t alone The stars or home, it’s a catch 22 I call it Catch 22, two This is Catch 22

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