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Песня:Mandingo Cliche
Артист:Belle & Sebastian
песня Mandingo Cliche
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Mandingo Cliche (Длительность 01:20)

Текст песни Belle & Sebastian - Mandingo Cliche
It was confessional yet dishonest. Jane pretends to be horrifies by the sexuality that she in fact fetishizes. She subsumes herself to the myth of black male sexual potency, but then doesn’t follow through. She thinks she respects Afro-Americans and thinks they’re cool and exotic, with a notch heatening in her belt. But of course, it all comes down to Mandingo Cliche. And, he calls her on it. In classic racist tradition, she demonizes and runs for cover. But then, how could she behave otherwise? She’s just a spoiled suburban white girl with a Bennetton rainbow complex. It’s just my opinion, what do I know

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