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Песня:Too Tight
Артист:The Rolling Stones
песня Too Tight
Альбом:Bridges To Babylon
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Too Tight (Длительность 03:34)

Текст песни The Rolling Stones - Too Tight
Baby, don’t get too tight with me Yes, you’re far too tight for me I got your messages And how can I resist But if you come around Don’t slap the cuffs upon my wrist Baby you’re tight for me (I warn you) yeah Far too tight for me Yeah Untie those sheep shanks, yes And all those fancy knots I’m not Houdini, honey C’mon now and loosen up (Tight) (Too tight) (Too tight) (Too tight) Yeah, don’t try to reel me in With all those charm school looks I’ve seen it all a thousand times I sung that song, I wrote that fucking book Do yourself a favor now Don’t drive me 'round the block Let’s split another bottle, now Let’s take a hit, loosen up Don’t get too tight on me Because I’m, I’m bound so tight I can’t breathe We’ll watch the sun go down Upon the swollen sea Ahhhh If you try to chain me up I’ll vanish like a broken dream Don’t get so tight Don’t get so tight Too tight

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