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Песня:Break The Spell
Артист:The Rolling Stones
песня Break The Spell
Альбом:Steel Wheels
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Break The Spell (Длительность 03:06)

Текст песни The Rolling Stones - Break The Spell
In the winter when the cold comes And the wind blows with a scornful spite And the hard ground feels barren And the forest is deathly quiet And the whole world lies sleeping There’s a gypsy all dressed in white Put my hand out, ask the question Here’s the silver, do you have the gift of sight Can you break the spell Can you ring the bell Can you break the spell It’s cold black as night I’ve got a hard heart Since we’ve been apart Can you break the spell Break it all down tonight In the springtime when the floods come And the earth bursts with the terrible life And the sun splash on the window There’s a gypsy and he’s all dressed in white My heart burns with the question Can you break the spell Still hot as fire

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