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Песня:I Got The Blues
Артист:The Rolling Stones
песня I Got The Blues
Альбом:Sticky Fingers
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I Got The Blues (Длительность 03:53)

Текст песни The Rolling Stones - I Got The Blues
As I stand by your flame I get burned once again Feelin low down, Im blue As I sit by the fire Of your warm desire Ive got the blues for you, yeah Every night youve been away Ive sat down and I have prayed That you’re safe in the arms of a guy Who will bring you alive Wont drag you down with abuse In the silk sheet of time I will find peace of mind Love is a bed full of blues And Ive got the blues for you And Ive got the blues for you And I’ll bust my brains out for you And I’ll tear my hair out Im gonna tear my hair out just for you If you don’t believe what Im singing At three oclock in the morning, babe, well Im singing my song for you

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