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песня Infamy
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Infamy (Длительность 03:47)

Текст песни The Rolling Stones - Infamy
Don’t you know you’ve got it in for me I knew it right from the start I’m still learning my lines baby Since you’ve rewritten my part Oh why have you got it in for me Things they are not what they seem You’re living in a nightmare baby But I mistook it for a dream Yeah just for a dream But I mistook it all for a dream, yeah You’ve got it in for me I know you’ve got it in for me You didn’t miss a thing It’s you that wrote the song, baby But me who’s got to sing I knew you had it in for me Where you take it from here? We got along so famously This time you made it clear, yeah You made it very, very clear You made it abundantly clear You’ve got it in for me I knew it right from the start You’ve already convicted me Why are you hard on my heart Ooh you’re right on my heart Oh yes so hard So hard on my heart (you got it in for me) Ooh in for me, baby (you got it in for me) Why, baby, why baby why? (you got it in for me) All you want to do is wipe the floor with me (you got it in for me) Come on — why, baby, why? (you got it in for me) Hummm Right from the start (you got it in for me) Yes you’ve got it in for me (you got it in for me) In for me right from the start (you got it in for me) I should have seen it coming (you got it in for me) Fine, fine heart (you got it in for me) Ooh yeah

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