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Песня:Hot Stuff
Артист:The Rolling Stones
песня Hot Stuff
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Hot Stuff (Длительность 05:22)

Текст песни The Rolling Stones - Hot Stuff
Hot stuff, hot stuff Can’t get enough Hot stuff, hot stuff, can’t get enough The music is mighty, mighty fine Hot stuff Play it rough Cause music is what I want To keep my body always moving Yeah, shake it up, hot stuff Everyday I get another dose I can’t stand it when the music stops Hot stuff Everybody on the dance floor You know what I’m talking about Music make you forget all your trouble Make you sing and make you tell the whole wide world So what? Hot stuff I want to tell all my friends in London There ain’t nothing wrong with you But you’d better shape up Shake it up, you’re hot stuff All the people in New York City I know you all going broke But I know you’re tough, yeah you’re hot stuff To everybody in Jamaica That’s working in the sun You’re hot, you’re hot stuff Shake it up, hot stuff

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