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Песня:State Of Independence
Артист:Donna Summer
песня State Of Independence
Альбом:Greatest - Donna Summer
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State Of Independence (Длительность 04:24)

Текст песни Donna Summer - State Of Independence
State of life-may I live-may I love Coming out the sky, I name me a name Coming out-silver word-what it is It is the very nature of the sound the game Siamese, Indionese. To Tibet treat the life As a game, if you please Coming up-Carabi-this sense of freedom Derives from a medative State Movin' on, 'believe' that’s it, call it magic Third world, it is, I only guessed it Shablam idi Shablam ida Shablam idi Shablam ida Shablam idi Shablam ida Shot to the soul-the flame of Oroladin The essence of the word The 'State Of independence' Sounds like a signal from you Bring me to meet your sound And I will bring to you my heart Love like a signal you call Touching my body my soul Bring to me, you to meet me here Home be the temple of your heart Home be the body of your love Just like Holy water to my lips Yes I do know how I survive (Yes I do know) know why I’m alive To love and be with you Day by day by day by day Say-Aye yaya oh 'Be the sound of higher love' today Time, time again, it is said We will hear, we will see See it all-in his wisdom-hear His truth will abound the land This truth will abound the land This State of independence shall be This State of independence shall be

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