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Песня:The Ballad of Melody Nelson
песня The Ballad of Melody Nelson
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The Ballad of Melody Nelson (Длительность 03:58)

Текст песни Placebo - The Ballad of Melody Nelson
Pour l’amiti L’amiti entre hommes et femmes Impensable Parce que, il y a toujours Sous jacent Le dsir animal This is the story of Melody Nelson Apart from me no one Ever took her in his arms Under her thumb Eyes in the sun Oh my Melody mine Oh my Melody mine She has nothing but love Poor Melody Nelson Her life was more said than done But her days were numbered (?Nil?) Count fourteen falls Fifteen on calls A baby tiger was Melody Nelson Forever purring in the sun Just as dangerous as a child With a gun, shooting me down Oh my Melody mine Melody Nelson Still playing hurting games for fun As adorable as dumb Deaf to the sound To what’s going down Down Down

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