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Песня:A Real Love Survives
Артист:No Doubt
песня A Real Love Survives
Альбом:Everything In Time
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A Real Love Survives (Длительность 03:49)

Текст песни No Doubt - A Real Love Survives
Love is like a punishment Homegirl here to represent So innocently you seem to come my way While Tinkerbell and Cupid play They sit there and they laugh I sit here and I can’t believe my eyes You found me at last But we’re too human to see the way we’ll agonize A real love survives A rock steady vibe A real love survives A rock steady vibe Steady now stop rocking it It’s a delicate environment Retired but sleeping is our shanty love Be careful now, don’t wake it up It’s never gonna last It’s never gonna make it back alive So now can we relax? I really hope that we will actually survive Our love is so rock steady

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