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Песня:Cellophane Boy
Артист:No Doubt
песня Cellophane Boy
Альбом:Everything In Time
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Cellophane Boy (Длительность 02:53)

Текст песни No Doubt - Cellophane Boy
And I’m not the judge or the referee And I can’t accept, 'cause I am uptight And the smoke’s getting into my eyes are burning My concern is I just might give you my life And I can’t relate to the hypnotist And I can’t get close, 'cause the plastic wrap And I want to have kids, but their father’s up inside the clouds The distance between is on my mind Up until now things have been fine, temporarily You’re cute but the circumstance has changed Your substitution method, crutch Your whole protection from your pain This presentation of my ploy Is to change my cellophane boy It’s not the 70's Let your future fly with me And I want your habit to be me Your harbor and your refugee

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