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Песня:Let's Talk About You
Артист:Andrew Lloyd Webber
песня Let's Talk About You
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Let's Talk About You (Длительность 02:12)

Текст песни Andrew Lloyd Webber - Let's Talk About You
Funny Always thought of you as my girl friend I just can’t believe you would come in here and say all this things Let me finish, you must let me finish Thank you Thanks for bringing me up to date, dear Didn’t know you knew all the ins and outs of my private life Let me finish, you must let me finish Let’s talk about you, a minute or two What task is your husband keeping Where’s he sleeping? Can you say? Let’s talk about men You’re at it again I hear that you need a bedful for those dreadful games you play How dare you come in here Wagging your wicked tongue Your cheeks are red my dear You look like you’ve been stung I know my life’s a mess But I think you’re the worst thing in it Wait a minute! Let’s talk about you, cause you never do You just couldn’t wait to blurt out all that dirt out in my face Let’s talk about pills, and illegal thrills I hear that the habit’s gripped you And you’ve tripped to every place Does it make you feel good Knowing that I feel bad Yes, knowing you it would You must be very sad You can’t know how I feel But my friend you’re about to learn how it’s my turn now Let’s talk about booze and how much you use What time do your kids start drinking? Am I sinking low to you? Yes he knows lots of girls He likes his fun And I’m glad he’s got lots and not just one How’s that fat little man? Was it one more affair? Where are you going? Why are you running away from me? Are you absolutely sure you don’t want to stay for tea?

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