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Песня:Letter Home To England
Артист:Andrew Lloyd Webber
песня Letter Home To England
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!!!Выгодная Сим-Карта!!!
для путешествий за границу

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Letter Home To England (Длительность 01:11)

Текст песни Andrew Lloyd Webber - Letter Home To England
Mum I’ve got a lot to tell you Me and Joe have had a bust up This will be the last letter with the post mark stamped N. Y. I’ve met a film producer Please don’t laugh His name is Sheldon He’s what the people here all call a real together guy He is off to California And he wants me to go with him Oh thanks for your last letter I was thrilled to hear from you The pictures of the garden are all absolutely lovely And incidentally Sheldon’s mum loves Mantovani too Mum I’m not at all unhappy One day soon when I am settled I want you both to come out You will love it in L. A. I’ve got to buy some swimsuits So I must rush down to Macy’s I will write to you again When I have found a place to stay

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