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Песня:No More Drama
Артист:Mary J. Blige
песня No More Drama
Альбом:No More Drama
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No More Drama (Длительность 05:22)

Текст песни Mary J. Blige - No More Drama
So tired, tired of these drama No more, no more I wanna be free I’m so tired, so tired Broken heart again Another lesson learn Better know your friends Or else you will get burn Gotta count on me Cause I can guarantee That I’ll be fine No more pain (no more pain) No more pain (no more pain) No drama (no more drama in my life) Noone’s gonna make me hurt again Why’d I play the fool Go through ups and downs Knowing all the time You wouldn’t be around Or maybe I like the stress Cause I was young and restless But that was long ago I don’t wanna cry no more No more pain (no more pain) No more game (no more game messin with my mind) No drama (no more drama in my life) Nooone’s gonna make me hurt again No more tears (no more tears, I’m tired of cryin everynight) No more fears (no more fears, I really don’t wanna cry) No drama (no more drama in my life) I don’t ever wanna hurt again Wanna speak my mind, wanna speak my mind Uh, it feel so good When you let go Avoid these drama in your life Now you’re free from all the pain Free from all the game Free from all the stress So find your happiness I don’t know Only God knows where the story ends for me But I know where the story begins It’s up to us to choose Whether we win or loose And I choose to win No more pain (no more pain) No more game (tired of your playin' game with my mind) No drama (no more drama in my life) No more, no more, No more, no more No more tears (no more tears, no more cryin every night) No more fears (no more waking be up in the morning) No drama, no more in my life No more drama, no more drama

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