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Песня:It Never Rains
Артист:Dire Straits
песня It Never Rains
Альбом:Love Over Gold
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It Never Rains (Длительность 08:01)

Текст песни Dire Straits - It Never Rains
I hear the Seven Deadly Sins And the Terrible Twins came to call on you The bigger they are baby The harder they fall on you And you you’re always the same you persevere On the same old pleasure ground Oh and it never rains around here It just comes pouring down You had no more volunteers So you got profiteers for to help you out Well with friends like that babe Good friends you had to do without And now they’ve taken the chains and the gears From off your merry-go-round Now your new Romeo Was just a gigolo when he let you down See the faster they are babe The faster they get out of town Leaving make up stains and the tears Of a clown Oh you were just a roller coaster memory I don’t know why I was even passing through Saw you making a date with Destiny When he came around here asking after you In the shadow of the Wheel of Fortune You’re busy trying to clear your name You say 'I may be guilty yeah that may be true But I’d be lying if I said I was to blame See we could have been major contenders We never got no money no breaks' You’ve got a list of all the major offenders You got a list of all their major mistakes And he just standing on the shadows Yes and he smile that come-on smile Oh I can still hear you say as clear as the day 'I'd like to make it worth your while' Oh but it’s a sad reminder When your organ grinder has to come to you for the rent And all you’ve got to give him Is the use of your side-show tent Yes and that’s all that remains of the years Spent doing the rounds Now you know what they say about beggars You can’t complain about the rules And you know what they say about beggars You know who’s the first to blame his tools You never gave a damn about who you pick up And leave layin' bleedin' on the ground You screw people over on the way up Because you thought that you were never coming down And he’ll take you out in Vaudeville Valley With his hand up smothering your screams And he’ll screw you down in Tin Pan Alley In the city of a billion dreams

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