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Песня:About You
Артист:Mary J. Blige
песня About You
Альбом:The Breakthrough
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About You (Длительность 04:04)

Текст песни Mary J. Blige - About You
Mary J Will I am in the place with the love Yeah, it feels, it feels good Mary J, Will I Am Tell 'em how ya feel (Mary) Boy you got me goin' crazy I don’t know what to say anymore Cuz still I wanna be your lady You know that I would never walk out that door I’m not giving up on us but Things can get a little hard in this life But you know, you know I love you (Chorus) You’re everthing I ever wanted Everything I’ve never wanted In a man, can’t you see What you’re doing to me I’m sayin yes and sayin no Because I dont want you to know How I really feel, how I really feel About you (you know how I feel) About you (you know how I feel) About you (how I feel, you know how I feel) So very happy with my life (It's a new life for me, yeah) (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) (Mary) You, you’re the one for me I dont wanna be free Boy, you have rescued me but sometimes I don’t want to be bothered Baby, don’t think I am shady Just adjusting to ya I don’t wanna confuse ya or even misuse ya But I love ya, I love ya, yeah, yeah Repeat Chorus Ooh, so very happy with my life So glad to have someone to hold me So very happy with my life I’m so glad, so glad, so glad (Will I Am) Baby, you a soul mama Love’s what I’mma bring to you Quick don’t pause like a comma Won’t stall on ya when it’s time to put it on ya Don’t call on another chick I’m callin' on ya Won’t trip on ya, I don’t bring the drama I won’t dip out when it’s trauma I’m holdin on mama, hold up, wait a minute We’ve been through the downs ups, but stayed in it So glad that I’ve got you, that I got you So glad that I got you, I got you Repeat Chorus There it is

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