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песня Kisha
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Kisha (Длительность 04:17)

Текст песни Lil Wayne - Kisha
Got a early call from Kisha, Kisha wanted me to meet her She said she thought it was time to make the relationship get deeper Said cool then I’m gon' beep ya What would be a good time to reach ya She said what about ten but l thought eleven would be sweeter Cuz she wanted me to see her, said I needed a teaser But shit who got the keys to my Beamer I rolled me up a blunt and got the Cristal out the freezer I hopped in the two seater, left Nae-Nae with Macita Vroooom speed up run faster than a cheetah Only thing on my mind is how l’m gone get all in this cheap slut Should I use a rubber cause I heard she was a freak but They say she keep it cleaned up, but I don’t want HIV bruh I drop my top on da drop-top (I'm bout ready to meet her), her name’s on my beeper I called her on the Nokia And told her come pick me up As soon as I got in the house she got on her knees and grabbed my penis Ate It up like some peanuts I said «oooohhhh Kisha» Chopped off like a millimeter She drunk it like a 2 liter She blow like a pro, oh no I got to keep her Told her l’d be back about eleven I’m gone creep her But don’t go you to sleep, I got some more meat to feed ya Now I’m hot, I wonder what’s up with Kisha tonight I’m gone give her a call, see if it’s alright For me to dip through, she said it’s all gravy First I got to get somebody to watch my baby (Baby) it’s all good, I’ll be there in a minute But she didn’t know I knew Wayne was already hittin' it Soon as I pull up I see my dog runnin out He saw me peepin at him, but he didn’t open his mouth Soon as he pulled off I knocked on the door Sayin to myself look at this dog ass ho Its cool what you do You know I like my shit sucked For you to swallow the cum and put ice on my nuts Caught my nut, now I’m up I’m gone holla at ya Kittie I got studio tonight, me and da H B’eezeys I can’t be late, I’m gon' see ya when I could Hit Juve on the hip, let him know it was all good Ooohh Oooh there she go, on the way to the corner store Lil Turk let me know, we done fucked the same bitch before Say lil mama where you headed, she told me forget it Hop in the back seat of my car and she spread it Say baby slow down I don’t wanna fuck ya first I want you to suck on my dick until my nuts will burst She was a fool with it She said she had a good teacher she went to school with it Cuz she knew what to do with it I didn’t want the bitch to have my car all smellin So I took her in the alley with some K Y Jelly Pull your shorts and your draws down to your knees Put the rubber on the dick handle that please I hit it she sucked it Hit it she sucked it and sucked it I got tired of the pussy and mouth and I said fuck it Hey ho, I gotta ride My baby moma beepin me and she stay way on the other side I hit B. Geezy on the celly And told him that the bitch was all good up in the alley Not the telly This ho don’t know I know she fucked three of my dogs I caught her walkin out the alley down by the mall She fucked Wayne, Juve, Turk, I know she ain’t got no walls But they told me she’d do a damn job on the balls She provided the number later on gave her a call Told her what I was thinkin and she was down with it all Can’t deny it she was a fool kept that dick standin tall What she’ll do a nigga, should be against the law That’s how Hot Boys play it when we finish we toss Baby when you finish Manny Fresh down the hall After this episode that ho won’t be able to walk After two or three steps that ho might just fall Now you know then Hot Boys sad ha Get in the bitch head, end up doing somethin bad ha Kisha got did right yeah Fucked the whole Cash Money click all in one night yeah

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