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Песня:I Am Crack
Артист:Juelz Santana
песня I Am Crack
Альбом:What The Game's Been Missing!
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I Am Crack (Длительность 03:37)

Текст песни Juelz Santana - I Am Crack
What is this? What is this, man?! This sounds like some graveyard shit (Uh-Oh) Well that’s what the fuck they gonna need Cuz I’mma bury these niggas this time around (Chea) (Verse 1) Who better than me? You better than me? Shit you never will see, If you dead and deceased Keep tools, lead, and the piece And I’m bustin it off right Leave a trail of smoke like a FUCKIN exhaust pipe Took the coke up out the stash, cause they know about the stash Now I’m like swallow these dope up in the bags Coke up in the bags, Yea sown up in the bags I do my chicks like Ludacris, «Blow it Out Your Ass!» I’m a mean pimp, You know what I mean, pimp? Four hoes on each strip, All bringing me chips Futuristic So when I’m gone they gonna have to do ballistics Just to prove I’m this sick You niggas need to be spanked by your mommy For ever thinking you’ll be greater than I’ll be You get that short, late, waist-pack money I get that all straight ASAP money Bring it here now! Touch the coke, touch the pot Add the soda, what you got? Me! (Yea!) I am what I am, I be what I be And that you will see, I am crack Who want with I? You want it with I? I’ll shoot one in your eye, You’ll lose one of your eyes I’ll jam, move, and slump ya Leave ya body in Ranch Cucamunga with ants moving under My flow so in order I could turn soap and water to ocean water and float the border You never will be what I forever will be Your tombstone never will read «We buried a G» (No!) I’m so mean and nice, with the things I write Jesus might say «Jesus Christ!» It’s only rap, so why y’all tryna hold me back Like y’all ain’t ask for the old me back (I'm here!) My peoples play and slang cocaine More than Billy Blanco from +Carlito's Way+ So you can find me on the streets, okay? With the big fucking piece, okay?! ('K'?!) Too dope for this, but you won’t admit So my tool smoke and spit, make you choke on spit You ever seen a man gagged and goggle Sound like a newborn tryna ask for bottle They like cut it out you slackin, But I bust it out in rappin Can you name a nigga better without me bustin out and laughin? Nigga you couldn’t spit enough to get at me I’ll stretch you for extracirricular activities Forget hollerin for help I’ll make you wanna pull your lip over your head and just swallow yourself You’re not on my level, you’re not on my shelf But you can and you will be just another notch on my belt I’m more 'mazing than Grace is when I say shit You should say 'Amen' after my name, kid Yes, this is that of greatness You should say 'Amen' after this statement

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