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Песня:Lil' Boy Fresh
Артист:Juelz Santana
песня Lil' Boy Fresh
Альбом:What The Game's Been Missing!
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Lil' Boy Fresh (Длительность 03:53)

Текст песни Juelz Santana - Lil' Boy Fresh
Nah Yeah, yeah leave the hissin in, Don’t take the hissin out We gon keep this one all the way gangsta I mean, you mutha fuckas don’t realize, how real this shit is man I mean, people always gonna try and get over on you But protect what’s yours, protect your family, protect what’s right Ya Dig! The story starts off, lil boy black in the ghetto No matter what he does it’s back to the ghetto (ghetto) No choice but to adapt to the ghetto So he adapts the ghetto Yes, the crack and the metal He took no days off, for gettin this cocaine off He ran back and forth so much he pissed Jose off Now Jose was the cocaine boss Straight from Columbia, his cocaine soft But Jose was out fuckin his sister Hittin shorty off cuz’he had love for his sister And shorty had no love for his sister cuz’sister was sniff up everything Jose gives her But shorty had a plan for them both Cuz’he was good at handlin coke and Jose liked that Problem was, he was pitchin for the dudes down the street You know, Cj, Big Boo, and Meleke Meleke was a killa, Boo was a killa Cj, well he’s just anotha nigga Despite the fact, they didnt like the fact, that he was close to Jose and he might just rat And bein that he was a bitch and he aint know when its here They set it up to get him there n hit him there But shorty was smart, so before they got to load up n spark he said hold up my heart Please, then he said Please, look up in my bag, there’s cook up in my bag It’s all good up in my bag And there’s more where that came frome It came from Jose, believe me there’s more where that caine from So they let him go thinkin he would tell them where Jose kept the heavy coke But instead he told Jose bout that And we all know Jose bout that Next thing we know we see Jose slouch back And he said there’s no way out that He said shoot em ima blow they house back Next day Jose sent the 2-way out town And next minute someone blew they house down Jose think shorty on his side But he don’t know shorty on his side So shorty called Jose, like listen, it’s going down I need more cocaine So they met up, it was a set up Guess who? Cj, Meleke and Boo speed up You shoulda seen the look on old man’s face You neva seen a look on no man’s face Told him no mans great, and it’s no man’s place To fuck with no man’s fam And he said where’s my sister before I kill you The End The story’s over man (over man) They all kinda end like that man, ya dig You see, I told this story because I kinda feel like, every hood, everybody, everybody gotta lil boy fresh and them somewhere Weither it’s right next door, across the hall Up the block, down the block, around the corner I mean, you see, you see we all see the same shit, just through diffent eyes You surprised? Don’t be man, It’s just real shit Holla at ya boy dipset, AYE!

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