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Песня:Murda Murda
Артист:Juelz Santana
песня Murda Murda
Альбом:What The Game's Been Missing!
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Murda Murda (Длительность 04:04)

Текст песни Juelz Santana - Murda Murda
Out in the street They call it murder + (sample) Up (in the street) Gun tucked (in the street) Niggas front (in the street) Get bucked and (they call it murder) Up (in the street) Gun tucked (in the street) Buck buck and (they call it murder) Murder, murder, mu-murder, murder, mu-murder these streets (I'm 'bout to) Murder, murder, mu-murder, murder, mu-murder these streets (I'm 'bout to) Murder, murder, mu-murder, murder, mu-murder these streets (I'm 'bout to) Murder, murder, mu-murder, murder, mu-murder these streets I stay up My gun tucked I gives a fuck So, welcome to jamrock No, welcome to my damn block Where the slugs and cans pop For the ones and tan rocks Kids play in the sandbox Other kids Lay in boxes with sandtops You can’t stop this Murder, murder, mu-murder, murder, mu-murder shit, this Servin', servin', se-servin', servin', se-servin' bricks, we Purchase, purchase, pu-purchase, and purchase, purchase whips, we Swervin, swervin, sw-swervin, swervin, on purpose, bitch Try to stop me, you ain’t, kid Try to pop me, you can’t live If so, you’ll need an oxygen tank, shit And for those bucks I’m no punk I’m Scarface, coked up, you know what (+sniff+) I think I need another hit (+sniff+) You know who you fuckin' with I bang I slang My nuts hang, yup So don’t get it confused or fucked up My dudes will jump up The ruger, dump dump, bup bup And (they call it murder) Act stupid, the gat’s shootin (+gunshot+) We’ll leave you there, leave you square Box style, box style, he who dares (dares) Don’t play Be calm now, calm down cuz We all know you’re not a killa killa gorilla, man Y’all know I get that scrilla scrilla f’reala, fam Catch me in the chinchilla all through the winter, man Never catch me trippin', slippin', and kill me, damn I show the hood love They show me love back And the hood is where my heart is, so I love that Nah, you can’t keep a black man down I’m worldwide, Harlem’s own, Manhattan bound AY Killa, killa, more killin' killin' for killa killa Feel the deal, the chinchillas, they can fit on gorillas Santana, bananas, clip bananas, wrapped in bandannas Hammers, hammers, no cameras, you’ll be runnin to nana (nana nana) Nana nana Santana, he be holding berettas Killa killa kills civilians, you know I’m no better Mo' betta' betta', cheddar cheddar, you’ll be dead on your lever For cheddar cheddar, heads we sever, go get it together Get it together, now now get my pape’s right Come through late night I know what it tastes like (what's that?) Some good coke, dawg, go get your face pipe Put on my Laker jersey, then I go rape white (number 8) You got G ma, I got G too, shit She wanna fly G-4, won’t fly G-2 (nope) Need ten thousand, you won’t get a G, boo Only G you gettin' is me, O.G., trueness + (Cam'Ron) (Murder, murder) Haha, haha I told you I told you you niggas was in trouble man DipSet (murda) The new season has officially begun (murda) Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay

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