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Песня:Remember Me
Артист:Laura Fygi
песня Remember Me
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Remember Me (Длительность 03:52)

Текст песни Laura Fygi - Remember Me
Mystery to be revealed We tell the truth and then we run Reminiscing all our sins 'Cause sinners are more fun A penny for your thoughts you say They are worth at least a dime I’m sending all my prayers You’ll get them in the nick of time The world is spinning round and round Everything goes way too slow Don’t you feel depressed and down It’s time for me to go Love, there’s still one thing to say I love you every day Don’t beg for me to stay Please remember me When I’m not around I’ve been waiting all my life For the love I finally found Remember all the fun Don’t think of all the fights Now there’s been a change of heart Our future feels all right I’m sure you’ll get ahead You’re not alone you always say So don’t be afraid for tomorrow This is not the end Forever you’ll be my friend So promise while I go Don’t drown your sorrow

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