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Песня:American Wedding Song
Артист:Diane Schuur
песня American Wedding Song
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American Wedding Song (Длительность 04:34)

Текст песни Diane Schuur - American Wedding Song
Here we stand Looking out into the clear, yet clouded sky Hand in hand We will stand united We would fall if we divide In our land, filled with milk and honey We extort humanity From the sands Of our blue wave beaches We extend hand across the sea Long may the land be filled with love In America Lord in America In America We found us a home Here we stand On the brink of every danger that we know (and there’s so much danger in the world) Hand in hand we must face each other We have to let our goodness show Its our land And we need each other (yes we do) For the planet to survive Yes we can (yes we can) Learn to live as brothers We can keep the dream alive Long may the land be filled with love In America (I love you America) America (You've been so good to me) In America We found a home (Yes we have) We found a home (We found a home in this great place) Yes we found a home We found a home We found a home

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