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Песня:The Living Tree
Артист:Shirley Bassey
песня The Living Tree
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The Living Tree (Длительность 04:59)

Текст песни Shirley Bassey - The Living Tree
Let me breathe 'Cause I’m drowning in your shadow Let me leave Respect me, do not follow me Believe I can make my own tomorrow Let me breathe Does it make You feel good 'cause you own me? Does it take Your puppet strings to hold me? How I ache As you’re trying to control me Let me breathe Let me dance 'Til my shoes cry Let me laugh Let me be Let me dance Let me choose my life Let me climb the living tree Picture this When you wake up in the morning And I kiss Your sorry ass goodbye What would I miss? There’s nothing I can think of As I leave Let me climb… The living tree

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