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Артист:The Cardigans
песня Overload
Альбом:Super Extra Gravity
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Overload (Длительность 03:19)

Текст песни The Cardigans - Overload
Overload, oh what a match we are As we romance along towards the fire escape Open fire, forever in your arms Splendid time we have doing what I dread Oh my Lord, can I buy some time? I’m learning to dance dum-ditty-dance I’m dancing, okay Overlord, lord of the underworld Full-of-wonder-girl, as we twist and twirl Hot and dry, high in my cloven heels This is how real love feels as we prance and die Oh my Lord, such a fancy fire As we dance, you sure can dance Dance dance You I will never forget, I hope you’ll remember me later We’re swimming in a puddle of sweat, I’m hot baby Don’t burn your fingers, I’m tenderly served on your plate The band must continue to play So we can dance, I love to dance Baby, dance with me, yeah I can dance To love is to dance, now dance me home

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