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Песня:Losing A Friend
Артист:The Cardigans
песня Losing A Friend
Альбом:Super Extra Gravity
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Losing A Friend (Длительность 03:49)

Текст песни The Cardigans - Losing A Friend
You’re losing a friend You got it all wrong I’ts not about revenge But you’re losing a friend I didn’t see it coming With my head stuck in the sand But now I’m loosing a friend And it’s keeping me up It’s the ribbons I tied I would rather just die Go to hell and crawl back Than let you go You’re losing a friend You jeopardise me Bad bad blood on your hands And see, you’re losing a friend I’m fickle and I’m vain And you trick me over and over again And now I’m losing you And it’s killing me It’s the strings that I tie I would rather just die Go to hell and crawl back Then let it all go My mistake To lose you Oh no, oh no! So this the end now I’m losing you Oh, look at you! Look what you’re wasting You’re losing a friend Oh no, oh no! I’m losing a friend Oh, oh oh no

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