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Песня:Hymn To The Fallen
Артист:Katherine Jenkins
песня Hymn To The Fallen
Альбом:Katherine Jenkins / From The Heart
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Hymn To The Fallen (Длительность 04:30)

Текст песни Katherine Jenkins - Hymn To The Fallen
George Clinton And The Funkadelics Cosmic Slop March To The Witch’s Castle February 12th, 1973 The prayers of thousands were answered The war was over, and the first of the prisoners returned Needless to say, it was the happiest day in up to thirteen years for most For others, the real nightmare had just begun The nightmare of readjustment And for those, we will pray Whooa-ohh-ohhh Whooa-ohh-ohhh Whoa-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh whooaaa Father, bless the soldier who has returned home from the war He has fought with all his might Yet he knew not for what or who he was fighting for Death waited in the shadows as he crawled by night for his country His enemies was many, including the habit he still cannot break Father, we pray that we might understand what has happened to his mind And help us understand his reaction To the changes that has taken place here at home And father, smile upon us, with your grace, for we will need you more than ever Help him understand, that when his loved one remarried They were truly under the impression that he was dead And never would return Oh lord, we pray And father, why must wars be fought? Someone said this war ended with «Peace with honor» But can there truly be? Is there such a thing? Thousands of boys gave their life, and for what? Do anybody know? Oh lord, give us the strength to understand ourselves For we are mysterious animals, man And as the boys march home to the witch’s castle They will all need your help I can hear them calling, calling out for you, father For there is no one else that can help Smile upon us, oh lord For we are very weak Very weak Very weak Very weak Very weak

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