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Артист:Limp Bizkit
песня Everything
Альбом:Three Dollar Bill, Y'all $
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Everything (Длительность 16:26)

Текст песни Limp Bizkit - Everything
I’m so frustrated Some things are making me so sick inside Aw, go with your heart, go with your heart Yeah right Quit tugging me Aw, I’m just not good enough for you Let’s change Let’s be something we’re not Let’s be something everybody else is Ah so much built up inside It’s fucking ridiculous I don’t know if I should freak the fuck out on you Or just sit back and laugh You want more You don’t have anything Me, me, I have everything Yeah I have everything What more could I ask for? Nothing at all Why did it have to be this way at the end? Why did it have to be this way at the end?

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