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Песня:If I Try
Артист:Secret Service
песня If I Try
Альбом:Top Secret (Greatest Hits)
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If I Try (Длительность 04:07)

Текст песни Secret Service - If I Try
Questions never described I’m on my feeder flying high That is a lie If you know what I mean Just stand up and tap the tambourine Say «no» to the team Time is right I know what’s ever wrong are pleased more over time Late at night I wish I knew today what else I left behind It’s just that if I try Never give it up If I try Oh-oh-oh Holding on to you Won’t you tell me not to worry If I try Never give it up If I try Would I lie to you? Answers running around I’ll pay the cost to turn them down If they are found Outside mapping the stars Diamond girls are playing cheap guitars Showing off their scarves Rendez-vous And I’ll be seeing you if you don’t stop this care After you I think I always stick around up there and here

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