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Песня:L.A. Goodbye
Артист:Secret Service
песня L.A. Goodbye
Альбом:Top Secret (Greatest Hits)
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L.A. Goodbye (Длительность 03:19)

Текст песни Secret Service - L.A. Goodbye
Captain’s telling me that I am welcome He’s saying that soon this bird will fly He says the forecast’s looking fine 'cross the runway I can see you Looking lost and trying not to cry I see you getting smaller I wish that I could stail her Leave this plane but L.A. Goodbye Oh Oh Oh L.A. Goodbye L.A. Goodbye Oh Oh Oh Two hearts in love that will die In just a minute says the captain We’ll take off from here and ride the sky He says it’s still «No Smoking» All along we knew that this would happen We just tried to hide it from ourselves We tried to stay together As if it was forever Oh forever L.A. Goodbye Oh Oh Oh… L.A. Goodbye Oh Oh Oh From way up high L.A. Goodbye Two hearts in love that wiil die L.A. Goodbye Oh Oh Oh…

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