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Песня:Laughing Boy
песня Laughing Boy
Альбом:This Is Hardcore
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Laughing Boy (Длительность 03:48)

Текст песни Pulp - Laughing Boy
If you stay out all nite that’s alright by me but if you must kiss those guys you could at least clean your teeth I don’t mean to put you down / but you’ve taken everything that I own Don’t tell me you want some more 'cos I’m closed Who is this laughing boy who ladders your tights? Please tell him to cut the noise / 'cos it’s spoiling my nites I just want to get some rest / and he’s talking to his Ma on the phone Well, if he’s so homesick he can go home / I don’t need this anymore and it’s written in the stars I must go / And will I come back for more? I don’t know / I don’t know.

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