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Песня:Having A Party
Артист:The Pointer Sisters
песня Having A Party
Альбом:Having A Party
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Having A Party (Длительность 04:34)

Текст песни The Pointer Sisters - Having A Party
We’re havin' a party Dancin' to the music Played by the DJ On the radio The Coke’s out in the icebox Popcorn’s on the table Me and my baby We’re out here on the floor So Mr., Mr. DJ Keep those records playin' 'Cause I’m a-havin' such a good time Dancin' with my baby Everybody’s swingin' Sally’s doin' the twist now If you take requests I’ve Got a few for you Play that song called «Soul Twist» Play that song called «I Know» Don’t forget «The Mashed Potatoes» No other songs will do So Mr., Mr. DJ We’re havin' a party Everybody’s swingin' Dancin' to the music On the radio

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