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Песня:All Night Long
Артист:Diana Krall
песня All Night Long
Альбом:Only Trust Your Heart
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All Night Long (Длительность 06:41)

Текст песни Diana Krall - All Night Long
Never knew the softness of his tender kiss Don’t know if he’s weak or strong All I know is that he’s every dream I dream All night long Never heard him say a single word of love Don’t know his fate or his soul Cause he only speaks to me in dreams I’ve dreamed All night long When I sleep he tells me he’s in love with me And how much he needs me to be near But at best my dreams is just a fantasy If I touch his hand he’ll disappear I don’t want a love that’s just a memory Fate how could you be so warm Now I’ve got to find the man who’s haunting me All night long

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