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Песня:Gleaming Auction
Артист:Snow Patrol
песня Gleaming Auction
Альбом:Final Straw
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Gleaming Auction (Длительность 02:03)

Текст песни Snow Patrol - Gleaming Auction
I get tired of the heart attacks Every time it rings I put myself on the waiting list And get it all cleared up You’re the one with the attitude Don’t try and make me out To be the root of the evil in The whole rotten affair Lie back and suffer now We’ve both earned our reward Lie back and suffer now We’ve both earned our reward Buried deep in the telegram I’m sure I never got Was any clue of the whereabouts Of all the things I’d lost Just because you were right before Doesn’t mean you’re right To make up now would just vindicate Every doubt I had It’s not as simple as How much you think you care You would never know When to take the hint Broken glass aside My feelings stay the same Covered head to toe In blood and fear and spite

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