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Песня:Only You
песня Only You
Альбом:Anthology: The Commodores
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Only You (Длительность 04:32)

Текст песни Commodores - Only You
When was the last time I said I love you? I find it hard to say But I do When was the last time I said I need you? I’ve kept it to myself much too long (It's been too long) (It's been too long) In all my life I’ve never known anyone like you I love you I love you Only you I’ve been in love before I didn’t think I could love anymore But there you were with love In your heart for me I can feel it when we kiss I can tell when we touch That the magic of love was meant for you and me (For you and me) (For you and me) In all my life I’ve never had a love so true I love you I love you Only you (only you) I know it when we touch Oh, oh If I had the power To make this song come true It would be for me to build my life with only you

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