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Песня:Work It Out
Артист:Talib Kweli
песня Work It Out
Альбом:The Beautiful Struggle
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Work It Out (Длительность 04:19)

Текст песни Talib Kweli - Work It Out
The temperature got tempers flaring people sweat when the weather hot They argue and they fret a lot then set up the plot To whet up the block Wheter or not the blood is red up in the gutter Music is my bread and butter I got a show in Brooklyn cause the ghetto love us Pulled up in Mtulu’s truck I’m suited up I’m cool as fuck security tripping on my baseball hat promoter knew what’s up Plus Chaps had on some denim shorts and white tee shirt and I told the bouncer they being disrespectful cuz like you we working I ain’t a custy or a patron and trust me no one would be paying To come in this crusty ass club if I wasn’t playing He’s like I’ll put you the fuck out And when you put your word like that its like third strike black you struck out His man tried to rush me from behind Chaps stuck out a size nine Seen him trip face first into the line Cats is cowards with no spine and they power tripping too The next level is the violence so what y’all niggaz wanna Work it out We should try to work it out People lie, people cry, people die to work it out Read the book, pray to god Look inside to work it out We should try to work it out Yo what y’all ladies wanna do Work it out To get fly she work it out People lie, people cry, people die to work it out Read the book, pray to god Look inside to work it out Show the love Lose the hate Work it out Work it out Peolpe placed in situations they cant take and what they facing Is the trials and tribulations to make them say the lords forsaken them Their loved ones intervening but they always blaming them For problems they don’t realize what they part is in creating them Like men who so insecure think they women cheating on them And women who think the proof that they man love them is they beating on them Keep sleeping on them soon they partner creeping on them Committing crimes of passion they in caskets mother weeping on them With her head in her hands There’s only one thing that the dead understand that it’s better to be alive Now what you gonna do stick your head in the sand You probably the type to fall for anything and take that instead of a stand Now that’s a mouse instead of a man I cherish my role as the head of my fam And on the road I meet incredible fans I rock with singers an a DJ instead of a band we at a theatre near you So what y’all niggaz wanna do Stay civilized when they try to kill my high I try to think through problems Bring honesty to rap like Cam’ron brought the pink to Harlem You could be on the brink to stardom and suddenly you sink to bottom Tell the truth about the war and suddenly you linked Saddam Hate the topic but the closet people get to patriotic Is red bull white vodka mixed with the straight hypnotic Paper prophets sell the revolution so they make a profit Trust they got it fucked up with your taxes started making rockets Take it off the top like politicians speaking proper diction Stuffing dollars in they britches like they do a lotta stripping Got the top position bitching about the quality of life All that bullshit get exposed as soon as Kweli sees the mic They cutting down the tree of life the sun rays is running out The babies ain’t eating right so the guns keep coming out See how they play the streets an night slap the taste out your mouth To show you what they work about So what y’all niggaz want to do

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