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Песня:Never Been In Love
Артист:Talib Kweli
песня Never Been In Love
Альбом:The Beautiful Struggle
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Never Been In Love (Длительность 05:00)

Текст песни Talib Kweli - Never Been In Love
I know there’s a first time for everything First time I let her in my bed she got wetter then the perfect storm That we weathering together and This the first time that I’ve ever considered wedding rings But first things first yo I met her at the bar rolling with three wise men like I followed the star There she is shorty bi coastal Thick like bifocals, stacked like 2Pac vocals her body so loco Jewel of the Nile so I’m romancing the stone The rhythm is to the words and I watched her dance to my poems The way she move them hips let me know in advance that she grown I pictured it like Paris Hilton when she answered the phone, yo Dancing alone because she extra fly But I got good look so I catch her eye Gave the rest a try now give the best a try Leave your nest and I’ll fly make you testify Damn baby I know we got some haters and I don’t care what people say As long as you and me okay Because I never been in love before See I use to be a player and All of this is new to me And this ain’t what I’m used to seeing Because I never been in love before You running back to the kid like this was home base Or a marathon I let you set your own pace Your own space and the beautiful struggle Now baby tell what’s it gonna take to prove that I love you When I’m gone you be missing me too It let me know that my prayers is the music God be listening to Don’t get it confused I’m trying to get religious with you I never thought I feel like this its like a miracle you You You stole my heart like a crook in love Crossing the bridge to the Brooklyn love When I took above it’s clear skies that’s surrounding my earth Your love is drugs and I’m down to serve let’s deal with it yo We go to the spot and you still get it low I get excited fast and still love to hit it slow Till the walls come tumbling down like Jericho And you hear the sound is stereo Here we go You looked good when I tried you on So I had to write a song Use to be the guy that always made her cry when I’m gone Always kept a stable and I never spent a night alone No cable or no hard line phone why I’m never home scared of commitment Ready to forever roam We at war like sister souljah and she welcome to my terror dome Head strong our connection proved them haters dead wrong From now to R.I.P. Proceeds my name up on the headstone Leave her be for five minutes Dudes try to dive in it first They want to spit on my name and tarnish my image I tell them do you I don’t care who she speaking with Because I already know she made it clear who she leaving with And it feels so beautiful Put it in a rhyme because it feel so musical Plus you ain’t no groupie ho Sitting in the studio Before we do this though there something that you should know

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