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Песня:We Know
Артист:Talib Kweli
песня We Know
Альбом:The Beautiful Struggle
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We Know (Длительность 03:44)

Текст песни Talib Kweli - We Know
Hey Y’all I feel good right? (mmm…hmmm…) Yeah, ok, uhh. Now what that make me talk about? Love, love, love, love…(echoes) Yeah, that’s what the world need, ha Yo, that’s what your girl need All right, we gon' put it down like this I’ll tell you about myself My name is Kweli and I love to spit it homie I rap about love and life, ladies get to know me If you feelin' lonely, I can be your one and only I put it out in the world, so people show me… love (echoes) Yeah, I always get it back This ain’t no pimp game here, that’s a different track We talkin' this and that, we need to get with this I keep it realer than most, this is our business What we gotta do to make them see We got a good thing going on Wanna tell the world if they don’t know That what we have is real Wanna shout it from the mountains baby That I love you, but if they don’t hear me I know, you know, we know Yo, hey baby look like you need a break tonight Let me make it right, baby won’t you stay the night I got a lot of love as you know you’re my favorite right? Hey my lady, what we gon' make tonight (our love…) That’s the dream, but I never sleep Across the crowded room, our eyes forever meet But without doubt and gloom, cuz we can never be That’s why I got to go, cuz you’re my impossible love You’re the horizon I can see but never ride off into I write my lyrics to you, you the perfect instrumental I sound better than the cat who rappin' to you now That’s between me and you, what happened to us now? Got you hopin' for the glorious Waitin' for that victorious feelin' wanted by all of us Kneelin' and praying that the lord in us will help us love ourselves So much that the confidence attract to someone else Yo, Rockin' Los Angeles, House of Blues in Sunset Performin' like an orgasm, my girl ain’t even cum yet Seen her by the side of the stage givin' me energy Potentially, wife material connectin' mentally I felt like heaven sent for me, you’re meant for me The doubters and the haters had to acknowledge eventually You was a non-believer too if memory serves And a heart that gives shit, tryin' to play your boy for the her The harder that I run to you, the farther you become It’s like my heart was part of some movie that hadn’t yet begun This woman moves me and I’m a mountain of a man You pull me in like the waves do the grain of sand (love, love, love…) Yeah, I love the way you bring it to me I wrote a song for you, I love to hear you to sing it for me And let the melody carry me through the jealousy And we can cruise like Tom and Penelope

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