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Песня:I Had The Craziest Dream
Артист:Astrud Gilberto
песня I Had The Craziest Dream
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I Had The Craziest Dream (Длительность 02:28)

Текст песни Astrud Gilberto - I Had The Craziest Dream
In a dream the strangest and the oddest things appear And what insane and silly things we do Here is what I see before me, vividly and clear As I recall it, you were in it, too I had the craziest dream last night, yes I did I never dreamt it could be Yet there you were, in love with me I found your lips close to mine so I kissed you And you didn’t mind it at all When I’m awake such a break never happens How long can a gal go on dreaming? If there’s a chance that you care Then, please, say you do, Baby Say it and make my craziest dream come true

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